MCHP conducts a one-day workshop on Physiotherapy update on chronic pain management


印度麦利普,28岁th 2022年3月: 物理治疗科, 马尼帕尔卫生职业学院, 马尼帕尔高等教育学院, 印度麦利普 in association with the South Canara Physiotherapy Teachers Association conducted a one-day workshop on Physiotherapy update on chronic pain management as part of the pre-conference workshop of 芒格洛尔 Physiocon 2022. 讲习班在沙拉达厅举行, MCHP, and had the participation of 90 delegates from within and outside 马埃.

The workshop was inaugurated by the Pro Vice Chancellor (Health Sciences, 马埃) Dr. 文卡特拉亚M Prabhu在MCHP院长面前.Arun G Maiya,荣誉嘉宾,Dr.北部阿里博士. 约翰·所罗门是物理治疗系主任. 卡薇塔·维沙尔是研讨会的组织秘书.
During the workshop, the dignitaries stressed the importance of physiotherapy. Dr. M V Prabhu emphasized the significance of such academic gatherings and the role of physiotherapists in chronic pain management. Dr John Solomon provided an overview of the workshop and mentioned that Chronic pain will be a thrust area of research and academics of the department for the next three years. Dr. Iftikar阿里, the guest of honour thanked 马埃 for its association with the 芒格洛尔 Physiocon for more than a decade

说到研讨会.马尼帕尔卫生职业学院院长Arun G Maiya 说:“Physiotherapists play a crucial role in the management of chronic pain. It is an extremely challenging profession that requires constant knowledge and skill updation. Workshops like these provide an opportunity for students and faculty alike to interact with reputed professionals in the field and give them immense learning opportunities”
研讨会的咨询人员是Ramakrishnan Mani博士, 高级讲师, 奥塔哥大学, 新西兰, Dr. 迪夫Adhia, 研究员, 达尼丁医学院, 新西兰, Ranganath克博士, 副教授, GITAM物理治疗学院, 安得拉邦, Kavitha Vishal, 助理教授, 理疗科, MCHP, 印度麦利普, Devanandh R博士, 理疗咨询, Tumormo理疗中心, 钦奈, Anupama您正在, 助理教授, MCHP物理治疗部, 印度麦利普, 拉加瓦N, Ph.D. 学生,加拿大麦克马斯特大学.